Tuesday, 15 November 2016

SMTP server for reports

As the NBN rolls out in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, service providers do not provide a free SMTP server for sending errors and reports. While it may be possible to use G mail or Microsoft for SMTP settings you may find that it does not always work.
So we need to find and alternative. Yes you can setup your own in house SMTP server but that takes time and then you have to monitor it to make sure it is running.  We at Jarvie Computing use a  SMTP server: which requires no authentication. 
We only use it to send server or network issues and reports. If we use nslookup to resolve IP address to host-name you will see that it is provided by Microsoft.

Server:  UnKnown

Name:    mail-by24247.inbound.protection.outlook.com

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Steven Jarvie