Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Secure Data Backup Solutions

When we look at backup there are many different styles, from instant Hard drive synchronization (RAID solutions). These are great if you are after little or no downtime hard drives can be replaced while the computer is still operating.
As external hard drives become more affordable these are a cheap simple solution. Combined with the backup software from Microsoft they offer a reliable solution. As Microsoft backup software only allows local USB backup devices to be attached, this can become a problem if we use a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage) device. CMS products provide a solution that can backup our data in this situation.

With most business we have important data but generally we find that our core business files do not amount to large amounts of data, in so case this may be different. This allows us to use services to automatically backup our important data to a secured offsite server automatically.

IT Consultant
Steven Jarvie