Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Windows 7 service pack 1

With the latest release of windows 7 Service Pack 1 it has never been a more sensible time to upgrade to windows 7.
With great new features like:
Windows home group this allows non domain computers to easily connect and share files and services. After joining the home group no passwords are require to access shares file on there home group computers.
Windows Search, this is a tool i use everyday it allows me to quickly find the documents and applications i am after swiftly with ease.
Windows Taskbar With the ability to preview windows without opening them improves work activity.
Performance improvements Design to sleep and resume quicker and it is less hungry on resources. The saving in electricity per year will make windows 7 even more affordable.

If your concerns are program compatibility or is it buggy like Vista! Then why not ask us to setup up a virtual machine on one of your current computers to sample this great improvement in desktop software.

Steven Jarvie