Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Windows SBS Server Essentials

When you work in Information Technology for many years you start to feel that things change pretty quickly. But a new product from Microsoft helps small business become efficient with the way there computer network operates.

It helps small business do the things that larger business have been able to perform for years. Small Business Server 2011 Essentials is an affordable and easy-to-use first server solution to help protect data, organize and access business information on the go, document and printer sharing, and quickly connect to online services and cloud-based applications.

Team this up with Microsoft Business Productivity Online Solutions and you have a business that can exchange mail and calendar and share documents quickly and easily.

 Microsoft has made this server with small business in mind for less than 25 users. It's not over complicated and when setup correctly will allow a business to expand and grow from a controlled computer environment. Allowing the Systems Administrator to manage tasks from locally or remotely. With extra plug-ins the administrator can perform tasks and even turn sleeping computers ON from a remote location to perform maintenance.

Steven Jarvie
IT Consultant

Steven Jarvie