Monday, 19 September 2011

HP ProBook 4510s

A client asked if I could fit some more RAM to his HP ProBook 5410s laptop. They also mentioned it was extremely noisy. With this style of notebook you have to remove the keyboard to fir the ram. I inspected the fan and brushed the dusk away. Put the laptop back together to find that did not help with the fan revving at high speed. Dismantled it again and this time used an air compressor to clean out.
As I was dusting a rather large chuck of dust dislodged for the CPU air chamber exhaust section. Assemble the laptop back together and all was good.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Data loss happens

Data loss happens don’t let it happen to your business.

Safe with JarviePro Secure Offsite Data Backup

Whether it’s business documents and financial records or photos and music, Mozy ensures your digital life will be there when you need it.
"It would have literally taken me months to replicate or replace the data I lost. MozyPro made it simple to be back up and running in a single day."
Mozy is part of EMC Corporation—the largest provider of data storage platforms in the world.
Hard drive crashes, spilled drinks, and accidental file deletion can occur at any time and put your company’s future in jeopardy. In fact, 93% of all companies that suffer significant data loss close down within 5 years!

Maximun Security

You can count on Mozy’s strict security policies, military-grade encryption, and world-class data centers for optimal data protection of your business’ computers and servers.

Backup that’s Simple

Manage multi-user environments, schedule automatic backups, and monitor the health of your backups from the convenience of a single web-based admin console.

At Jarvie Computing, we believe:

You shouldn’t have to think about backup.

Backup should be set up once, and then work automatically.

Your files should be encrypted.

Your backup files should be encrypted and stored in a secure, remote location that’s only accessible to you—from anywhere.

Your backups should be smart.

Your backup system should be smart enough to only back up data that’s not already been backed up, only back up parts of a file that have changed, and be able to back up open and locked files.

Steven Jarvie
IT Consultant

Steven Jarvie

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Windows SBS Server Essentials

When you work in Information Technology for many years you start to feel that things change pretty quickly. But a new product from Microsoft helps small business become efficient with the way there computer network operates.

It helps small business do the things that larger business have been able to perform for years. Small Business Server 2011 Essentials is an affordable and easy-to-use first server solution to help protect data, organize and access business information on the go, document and printer sharing, and quickly connect to online services and cloud-based applications.

Team this up with Microsoft Business Productivity Online Solutions and you have a business that can exchange mail and calendar and share documents quickly and easily.

 Microsoft has made this server with small business in mind for less than 25 users. It's not over complicated and when setup correctly will allow a business to expand and grow from a controlled computer environment. Allowing the Systems Administrator to manage tasks from locally or remotely. With extra plug-ins the administrator can perform tasks and even turn sleeping computers ON from a remote location to perform maintenance.

Steven Jarvie
IT Consultant

Steven Jarvie

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Secure Data Backup Solutions

When we look at backup there are many different styles, from instant Hard drive synchronization (RAID solutions). These are great if you are after little or no downtime hard drives can be replaced while the computer is still operating.
As external hard drives become more affordable these are a cheap simple solution. Combined with the backup software from Microsoft they offer a reliable solution. As Microsoft backup software only allows local USB backup devices to be attached, this can become a problem if we use a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage) device. CMS products provide a solution that can backup our data in this situation.

With most business we have important data but generally we find that our core business files do not amount to large amounts of data, in so case this may be different. This allows us to use services to automatically backup our important data to a secured offsite server automatically.

IT Consultant
Steven Jarvie

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Windows 7 service pack 1

With the latest release of windows 7 Service Pack 1 it has never been a more sensible time to upgrade to windows 7.
With great new features like:
Windows home group this allows non domain computers to easily connect and share files and services. After joining the home group no passwords are require to access shares file on there home group computers.
Windows Search, this is a tool i use everyday it allows me to quickly find the documents and applications i am after swiftly with ease.
Windows Taskbar With the ability to preview windows without opening them improves work activity.
Performance improvements Design to sleep and resume quicker and it is less hungry on resources. The saving in electricity per year will make windows 7 even more affordable.

If your concerns are program compatibility or is it buggy like Vista! Then why not ask us to setup up a virtual machine on one of your current computers to sample this great improvement in desktop software.

Steven Jarvie

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Local Area Network Routing.

I received a call from a client unhappy that there new computer was slow. After some testing we came to the conclusion that in fact it was not the computer that was slow, it was the internet.
The client proceeded to organize a new internet plan.
A few weeks later I had a call from the same client excited they had a new internet plan with faster speed, but there was another problem now!
We can no longer printer or connect to the shared folder on the file server. After a few questions I discovered the had also purchased an install a new modem.
The problem clearly was a Local Area Network Routing table problem.
We made the appropriate changes to the new modems LAN table and DCHP Server settings, and now they can connect to the Static IP address of the printer and the file server as it was configured in the previous modem router.

Steven Jarvie