Thursday, 25 October 2007


Renovating while it may be fun but it can also be annoying. We started our reno just after christmas 2006 the first day we started digging it rained. On six occasions we had to pump water out of the downstairs area which continued to look like a swimming pool was going to be installed instead of a concrete slab. Finally we got a cement slab down and a block wall constructed. We sat the house back down on the new block wall after one night of torrential rain and a hot water system that fell over and bought all the dirt down with it leaving the existing house only on 3 aqua props. After that all that was needed to do was remove a couple of hundred tonne of clay dirt. Funnily enough a bobcat got stuck in the backyard after an afternoon storm it would be 3 more weeks till the dirt was to be removed and our yard levelled. We now have the floor bearers up and the floor to be installed on Monday. If all goes well we should have the new extension to lock up stage for christmas 2007.